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Rob Mock

Urban Horticulture Supply
Born and raised in Humboldt County, California, Rob was instilled with a passion for agriculture since his beginning. After moving to Tennessee in 2011, he began working with Innovative Garden and Hydroponic Supply, in Maryville, Tennessee. As he worked his way up through the company, eventually becoming Operations Manager, Rob learned the true meaning of community and hard work that eventually gave him the confidence and tools necessary to open his own advanced gardening and hydroponic store, Urban Horticulture Supply, in 2017. With the help of his dedicated employees, and his own blood, sweat and tears, Rob and his team have made Urban Horticulture Supply the top specialty agriculture store in Chattanooga, Tennessee and its surrounding counties. However, his journey did not stop there. Since state legalization in 2014 and the Farm Bill of 2018 that federally legalized the research and growth of Industrial Hemp, Rob has advocated for hemp, supported local farmers and fundraised for hemp-based conventions and conferences. In 2018, Rob collaborated with Blühen Botanicals of Knoxville, Tennessee, and had the pleasure of helping Blühen “bloom” through his services as their Senior Project Manager and Senior Cultivator. Currently, Rob has returned to Urban Horticulture Supply to further advance his company and grow the integrity of the industry. His passion lies with educating enthusiasts, farmers and communities alike about the beneficial nature of this plant and how it can be grown and used. In short, Rob has a burning passion for hemp, sustainable, square-foot agriculture, and organic production that only grows stronger with time. He cannot wait to see what the future of hemp in America holds, and welcomes it with open arms and green thumbs.